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Filter, air dryer M900 A2

p/n 57K3352 / DQ6036

nsn 2530-01-442-4606

3 kg

check valve ABS

0.3 kg

p/n N-20954-A

nsn 4820-01-478-4650

grommet ABS

10 gr

p/n WHRC10105

nsn 5325-01-478-0030

clip spring ABS

2 gr

p/n WHMB059512309

nsn 5340-01-477-9628

warning light

100 gr

p/n WHMB202023

nsn 6220-01-478-4208

sticker ABS  M900  warning light

p/n WMS1007

nsn 7690-01-479-2171

1 gr

sensor anti lock

p/n WHMB364208011

nsn 2530-01-478-4230

200 gr


p/n 269NTA-8-8 / 15148FX

nsn 4730-01-115-6643

150 gr

adapter ring ABS

p/n WHMB202010BC

nsn 2530-01-478-4402

1 kg

valve relay air pressure

2 kg

p/n WHMB400211HA

nsn 2530-01-478-4176

Elbow, pipe to tube

p/n 269NTA-6-6 / SW24733 / 202656

nsn 4730-00-289-0155

65 gr.

Valve, brake pneumatic

p/n WHMBN50002B

nsn 2530-01-478-3877

900 gr.