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nut plain slotted  30 gr

p/n MS35692-54  fits  also on balljoint,idler arm Humvee

nsn 5310-00-850-7004

bolt   125 gr   1/2-13x4

p/n B1821BH050C400N

screw  60 gr  1/2-13x1.75

p/n B1821BH050C175N

screw  10 gr  1/4-20x1/2

p/n MS51957-79

screw  40 gr  7/16-14x1.75

p/n B1821BH044C175N

screw  60 gr 7/16-14x2.50

p/n B1821BH044C250N

screw  40 gr   1/2-13 x1.00

p/n B1821BH050C100N

screw  60 gr 1/2-13x1.25

p/n B1821BH050C125N

screw 60 gr 1/2-13x1.50

p/n B1821BH050C150N

screw 60 gr 1/2-18x5.50

p/n B1821BH050C200N

screw  80 gr 1/2-13x2.50

p/n B1821BH050C250N