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Windshield A1

p/n 10950776

nsn 2510-00-858-5597

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Windshield A2

p/n 11639652

nsn 2510-00-176-9146

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p/n 8754805

nsn 2510-00-177-7871

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Grille radiator

p/n 11660434

nsn 2510-01-071-6843

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p/n 7331286

nsn 2540-00-165-4029

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fender front lh

p/n 12302551

nsn 2510-01-157-1292

7 kg

fuel tank A2   USED

p/n 11681699

nsn 2910-00-174-7676

15 kg

rear seat frame

p/n 11598984

nsn 2540-00-177-7780

7.5 kg

front seat frame

p/n 10950994

nsn 2540-00-177-7782

7.5 kg

cushion set nylon

15 kg

this part may have extra shipping charges

cover battery

p/n 8754753

nsn 6135-01-122-2278

3 kg

Seal windshield

p/n 11660447

nsn 5330-00-151-4360

this part has extra shipping charges outside The Neherlands

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