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p/k u-joint   3.6 kg

p/n CP280X / 7412638

nsn 2520-01-082-8619

seal shaft   from t/c to front axle M900

50 gr  p/n  SERUR25-2

nsn 5330-01-135-3376

dust seal  propp shaft  t/m to t/c  M900

60 gr   p/n SERUR33-4

nsn 5330-01-082-1818

cap dust proppshaft t/m to t/c  M900

80 gr   p/n SERUR40-3

nsn 2520-01-083-4404

spider u-joint   p/n 5-279X / CP16NS / 5-116X

nsn 2520-00-388-4179

3,5 kg

housing bearing  p/n 210084-2X

nsn 3130-00-908-8589

2,5 kg

p/k u-joint  6,5 kg

p/n CP85WB

nsn 2520-01-132-4753

proppeller shaft Wrecker M936

10 kg

p/n 11669333

nsn 3010-01-090-7747

Proppeler shaft, transfer to forward rear axle, standard cargo, M900 A1

p/n 11669427

nsn 2520-01-190-8485

40 kg.

Self pick-up or extra shipping charges.

Plate, lock universal joint spicer

p/n 7335053

nsn 2520-01-119-5682

20 gr.

Drive shaft, M900 A1

p/n 11669146 / 908929-0400 / 912257-0416

nsn 2520-01-112-8366

21 kg.

Self pick-up or extra shipping charges.

Drive shaft with hanger, M900 A1

p/n 11669432 / 9836444761

nsn 2520-01-127-6951

25 kg.

Self pick-up or extra shipping charges.